WHY NO COD (Cash On Delivery) ?


We apologize, but we do not offer the most popular payment option you love and are looking for.

It isn’t that we never offered the same, but rather we have discontinued it. Would you like to know why we did it? Just continue reading:

Why a customer prefers COD option?

It is a perception that while opting the COD (Cash On Delivery) option, the customer pays only after the order is received, in a way one can say that “the money leaves the wallet only after the order is in hands” but in actual it never happens, as the customer pays to the delivery boy in advance before opening the packet (Or else he won’t let him open it). So, in a way, you are not paying it after, as assumed.

'So what if there are some issues with Cash on Delivery facility, atleast our order reaches to us. With online payments we don't get any guarantee'.


Now you may wonder... What if you pay online and we don't send your order ?

Firstly - That will be counterproductive to our business and goodwill. We grow as a company only if you appreciate what we sell and come back for newer products, isn't?

Secondly - Even with Cash On Delivery, there is no way you can ensure that the specific product you ordered is in the parcel the courier boy is holding. Bad news, if something else comes out. So, it’s entirely trust based.

COD Cancellation (Cash On Delivery - Order Return)

Assume that forward delivery i.e. delivery to the customer, costs around Rs.100 per order. In case it is a COD order, there is an additional cash collection fee of Rs. 40 levied against the order. This jumps up the net delivery cost of an order to Rs.140 (for the orders which get delivered).

What about the orders which didn’t get delivered? Well, the delivery partner charges Rs.100 and takes it to the customer’s doorstep, but since the customer refused to accept the order they had to bring it back to us which will cost us additional Rs.100. This brings up the total operational cost of non-delivered orders to be Rs.200.

Apart from the men, hours consumed in addition to it the wastage of several resources like packaging material, boxes, papers used for billing and labels apart from the other formalities.

So if we provide you COD (as we were earlier doing) it ends up in unnecessary increase in the prices of the products, whose burden is ultimately bore by the customer.

In the end, we were okay doing less business with genuine orders than more business with false orders. This was a conscious call and we held onto it.

So to make this virtual increase nullify and to transfer the entire benefit to the customer, we preferred to opt out of this easy looking facility and it also goes with our motto "We are in the business of confidence".


We hope, that you understand the effects of COD and would also like to contribute towards a less cash economy as endeavoured by our beloved Prime Minister.

But yes it not possible with only us alone, we need your support, we need you to join this initiative, if you agree please share the word with others as well.


With Regards